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How to significantly
Increase a company’s dynamic strengths
Maintain a cohesive leadership team
in order that it may achieve the strategic phases of it’s development?


Support Growth

Process transforming traditional and/or small and/or native businesses into entrepreneurial growth companies

Global Leadership Service

Including conception, engineering, training and coaching services for opportunities recognition, team building and corporate finance

CEO co-pilots

Not only consultants but more often high-implicated part-time freelance executives to be able to act possibly as “CEO co-pilots”

Entrepreneurial Business Design®

An in-depth process deep-rooted in day to day operations


High potential Small businesses are of course the first market of Entrepreneurial Business Design ® leadership services.

Venture-backed companies facing development crisis and publicly held companies with value creation problems are our second market.

Finally we are also interested in helping established companies faced with transformation challenges, including their “intrapreneurship” policy and/or their disruptive projects.

We operate sometimes in co-contracting with major international consulting firms.

Bloch Dumonvillier & Co have specific experience and competencies in family businesses, in partnership with Quilvest group.


Founders, investors and board members engage us to:

  • Sharpen the focus of their business
  • Identify opportunities and expand their potential
  • Prepare for key milestones, including upcoming rounds of funding
  • Act as CEO co-pilots or interim execs, more than consultants
  • (Re-)Build the management team
  • Incubate and develop early-stage concepts and companies
  • Help execute.

We also accept board of director and board of advisor roles.
Our leadership services typical collaboration may have us develop or tune a company’s business plan, identify core strategic issues, facilitate introductions to VCs and potential partners, help recruit the executive staff, and act as ongoing company coaches and business architects.


Outside our core competencies domains, our company operates with strategic partners, selected carefully.

For Corporate Finance and Accounting our partner is ExpenAFIC member and Legal Auditor.

For legal and tax services we work with Jeausserand-Audouard.

For IT consulting we work with CESAMES, the Center of Excellence on Systems Architecture, Management, Economy and Strategy, founded by Prof. Daniel Krob, Paris Saclay Ecole Polytechnique, French Incose Fellow.

For Team-Building, we have founded with Cepig, a pioneer in this field since 1965, the “Team & Efficiency Institute”.

For Entrepreneurial coaching as a part of outplacement program, our exclusive partner is LHH, one of the largest Outplacement Companies in Europe.

All these partners are present or past customers.


Alain Bloch

Graduate of Saint-Cyr French Military Academy, MSc in Engineering, MSc in Mathematics & Decision Science, Ph.D. in Information Systems & Management (University of Paris-Dauphine), Fellow of Price-Babson College Fellows Program (SEE 15), Alain Bloch is Honorary Professor at the French Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers, where he was head of the Marketing, Retail & Negotiation Chair. He is also an affiliate Faculty member (Entrepreneurship department) of HEC Paris School of Management, where he is Scientific Director of MSc Entrepreneur and where he founded the Owner-President program and HEC Family Business Center.

His experience as an entrepreneur (he was notably founder in 1990 and CEO until 1995 of « L’Annuaire Soleil », the first competitor with the Yellow Pages of France Telecom after deregulation, and a family business manager (Dassault group, Promodes…), has lead him to focus his research on innovation, entrepreneurship, family business, leadership and organizational resilience : in these domains he published in 2011 “Innovation & Entrepreneurship. From the Idea to the Organization.” (with S. Morin-Delerm, ESKA Publishing), “La Stratégie du Propriétaire.” (with N. Kachaner & S. Mignon, Pearson Village Mondial) and many articles.

Professor Bloch has interests also in the political and legal spheres: he remove thus the Special Advisor of the French Industry Secretary from 1986 to 1988, Judge (elected) of the Commercial Court of Paris from 1995 to 2014 and Chairman of Scientific Board of Institut de Recherche Stratégique de l’Ecole Militaire (IRSEM, a French government think tank on strategic and military affairs).


Alain Bloch

23 rue Balzac
F75008 Paris

+33 1 53 53 67 89
Dir. HEC: +33 1 39 67 74 07
Cell. Europe: +33 6 09 78 66 14
Cell. US Can.: +1 514 573 6120